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When Will you learn to appreciate bureaucracy and transparency to devoid from corrupt practices…….Prof Mandora fired TEIN-UEW Executives.





When will you as students learn to appreciate bureaucracy and transparency to devoid from corrupt practices, irregularities, unscrupulous activities and criminal political actions in this country. Prof Mandora fired TEIN-UEW Executives.

The University of Education, Winneba TESCON-UEW Communication Officer Anefor Christian popularly known as Prof Mandora, fired the executives of the Tertiary Institution Network ( TEIN-UEW) of the NDC of the University of Education, Winneba over their unscrupulous activities and gross irregular practices in their internal campus electoral processes of the Tertiary Institution Network of the NDC which led to the indefinite suspension of their 2022/2023 academic year elections.

Students of our great and honourable institution, you are practicing unlawful practices in your own elections by adding ghost names into your elections registers to suit your parochial interest. What a total shame!

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Even in opposition you are still practicing corruption and manipulations in your own students elections, how do you expect the good people of Ghana to mistakenly leave this country and its economy in your unclean hands for another four years.

I expect you to be practicing free and fair systems in your internal affairs to motivate your people after wasting our resources in building factories in other countries and canvassing big buttocks during your term of office whilst your footsoldiers are unemployed, rather than teaching your students’ wing corruption and nonconformist electoral behaviours in their own campus electoral processes. You are starting your “Do or Die” affairs from your own students elections.

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There is no single hope in TEIN-UEW and NDC, and there is nothing to motivate the good students of the university of Education, Winneba to waste their scarce resources and their precious time to join this pressure group full of corruption and gross irregular practices without seeking members welfare whilst on campus.

He later admonished his colleagues TESCON members to work harder to prevent the good and the innocent students of UEW from wasting their ample time and monies in registering as members of TEIN-UEW which has nothing to offer their members after payment of dues.

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He then averred that, any students who believes in his or her welfare protection and knows the value for their monies should join TESCON-UEW and stop wasting their precious time on association that can not organised less than thousand members elections.

TESCON-UEW through Hon Alexander Kwamena Afenyo-Markin MP for Effutu constituency and Deputy Majority Leader for the 8th Parliament of Ghana, will continue to give scholarship for TESCON-UEW members to ensuring they do not deferred their courses and also would not renege on their efforts to protect members welfare.

Anefor Christian
Communication Officer.

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