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What Oti Regional Minister Said that keeps trending on social media [watch the video]


The Oti Regional Minister, Mr Joshua Makubu is trending on social media platforms in the last 24hrs, reasons being that, trees planted by the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) on June 4 celebration at Nkwanta Community Day Senior High School of the Oti Region to mark the occasion should be uprooted and replace it with new once with Green Ghana motive.


The Minister said when speaking on ‘Green Ghana Day’, in the Nkwanta North District. “June 4th, was a day people’s parents were killed, mother’s were killed, brother’s were killed, sister’s were killed and people lost their livelihood, People are still crying over it. So for us to sit down as a country, as a municipality, as a region or a school and allow trees to be planted on a compound to Signify this day where people lost their lives, we’re indirectly saying that, if your grandfather was General FK Abu, Ignatius Kutu Acheampong and General Afrifa, then it means that you shouldn’t come to Nkwanta Community Senior High School because if you come there, you’ll see the trees there and you’ll remember June 4th and you’ll remember the death of your father. It’s pain we’re causing you and for that matter I disagree with the idea of planting trees on a school compound to commemorate June 4th”

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“I’m a member of the New Patriotic Party, as a regional minister I’ll never under any circumstances allow the New Patriotic Party to get into any senior High school campus to plant trees to commemorate a party event,” Mr Makubor said in interview with Otixpres.com


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