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Weed taking over Atwima Mponua Highways – Drivers lament

Taxi Drivers who ply the Atwima Mponua Highways have been forced to clear weeds that have taken over the road.


A video available to this portal suggests that tall weeds have taken over the road to the extent that, users specifically, drivers find it difficult to see from afar.


The situation has forced the drivers to park their cars to clear the bushes so as to prevent accidents.


In the video, the drivers who expressed their displeasure over the action lamented how they parked their cars yesterday, 19th September 2022 to clear the tall weeds.



They said, their station officers (GPRTU) compelled them to weed.


According to them, the Atwima Mponua Highway Authority is responsible for the clearance however the authority is unconcerned.


A driver who shot the video said, “the Highway is bushy, instead of the Atwima Mponua Highway Authority hiring labourers to clear the weeds, they are rather sleeping on their job, leaving us the taxi drivers to suffer.”



Another driver said, “it is not our responsibility to clear the weed, but the GPRTU has forced us to do so. Whenever you raise a concern about it, they say park your car and leave the station.”



Subsequently, the drivers have called on the government to intervene.

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