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Vice President Bawumia cuts sod for the construction of 32 State of the Art TVET Institutions

The Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, has motioned for work to start on the development of Phase One of 32 State of the Art Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) offices to be worked the nation over in encouragement of the Government’s objective of making Ghana an elite community for abilities improvement and furthermore make abilities securing optimistic for all Ghanaians.


At the point when finished, every Region will have two such focuses, further expanding admittance to specialized and professional training, as well as giving open doors to abilities securing and updating for rehearsing craftsmans to meet the country’s advancement needs, particularly the requests of the business.


Playing out the send off on Monday, sixth June 2022 at Abrankese in the Ashanti Region, Vice President Bawumia said the development of the offices shapes some portion of a more extensive government intend to make Ghana’s school system more receptive to industry needs.


“At the start of our administration in 2017, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo set out a clear plan to industrialize Ghana and one of the key pillars of that agenda is to revamp and modernize TVET so that it becomes responsive to the needs of industry. Also hinged on this vision is the dream to make TVET aspirational among the youth,” he explained.

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The 32 State of the Art offices Project has a few wide points including further developing youth work esp, particularly in the provincial regions; growing fair access in open TVET foundations focusing on females and country poor; working on the pertinence and nature of TVET conveyance, and building specialized and the executives limit of CTVET and different abilities preparing focuses.


Too, the task is supposed to outfit the adolescent with business venture abilities; take on the agreeable way to deal with abilities preparing for the young to make their positions; retrain current laborers who have expertise holes, and permeate in ace specialists the fitness for efficiency and believability.

It will include the foundation of One (1) TVET Center of Excellence, 16 Category A Centers, and 15 Category B Centers. This multitude of foundations will be given an assortment of framework which goes from organization blocks, convenience offices, normal regions, playing grounds, furniture, fittings and outside works, devices and hardware for studios, and ICT.


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The nine offices to be developed under Phase One incorporate a Center of Excellence at Abrankese (Ashanti district); six ‘Class A’ offices to be situated at Boako (Western North), Kenyasi (Ahafo), Patuda (Bono East), Dambai (Oti), Salaga (Savannah), and Guabuliga (North East); and two Category B offices at Akyem Awisa (Eastern) and Colibri (Upper West).

TVET is Key

Playing out the send off on Monday, sixth June 2022 Vice President said the development of the State of the Art offices shapes some portion of a more extensive government intend to make Ghana’s schooling system receptive to industry needs.


“The President’s goal is to make Ghana a world-class center for skills development and a leading country in technical and vocational education training (TVET) delivery in Africa and also make skills acquisition aspirational for all Ghanaians.

“About this, the NPP Government over the past five (5) years has worked to improve governance and management by establishing the Commission for TVET (CTVET) and the TVET Service through the passing of Act 1023 and Act 1049 respectively to enhance quality, expand access, and increase funding for TVET.


“We are consolidating our gains in the past years by keeping to our promise. One way we are trying to achieve these ambitious, yet achievable objectives are plans to construct 32-State of the art TVET centers in all 16 regions in Ghana which means that each region will get 2 of these centers” he indicated.

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“TVET”, Dr. Bawumia emphasized, “is a key catalyst to spur the country’s industrialization agenda and create decent job opportunities for the citizens of this country. For sustainable development to take place, therefore, we must pay significant attention to the urgent need for us to train and make available to the industry highly skilled human resources to serve as the key drivers of the economy.


“Several challenges faced the TVET sector before our government took office in 2017. Today I am happy to report to the people of Ghana, that the reforms which were put in place in the TVET sector are taking shape and yielding results. One of such reforms is the reason we are here today to officially cut the sod for construction to begin on this project.”
















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