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Two teenagers arrested over alleged murder of ‘Pragya’ rider [Watch Video]


Police of Dormaa Ahenkuro in the Bono Region have arrested two teenagers over the alleged killing of a Pragya rider at Kyeremasu.



Speaking to Adom News, the Divisional Police Commander, Chief Superintendent Boakye Ansah said the suspects went to a fetish priest around Kyeremasu for spiritual powers.


They were asked to pay GHS150 each and because they did not have it, they decided to rob the rider identified as Adoma Stephen.


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The officer added that, the two boys killed Stephen in order to take the money from him but they were later arrested by police upon a tip-off.



Kwame Emmanuel, father of the deceased said his son left for work on Thursday only to hear of his death.


He explained he has been invited to the Dormaa Ahenkuro police station to assist with investigation.


Meanwhile, some Pragya riders infuriated by the incident are demanding the release of the suspects to deal with them.

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They alleged similar incidents have happened in the area but the police shielded the suspects and nothing positive came out of it.

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