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Time To Rescue Ghana From NDC, NPP Inefficiencies -Prez Candidate Declares

An independent presidential aspirant, Dr. Sam Ankrah, has called on Ghanaians to fight for their independence from the neo-colonialist NPP-NDC rule.

In an Independence Day message sent to the New Crusading GUIDE, the Ghanaian economist urged Ghanaians to fight for independence from these two political parties in the country.

He bemoaned how these parties have ruled the country over the years.

Dr Ankrah said it is either they do not care or they do not have what it takes to make Ghana a better place for the citizens.

He also does not see any good development taking place in Ghana if NDC and NPP are always given the mandate to steer the affairs of the country.

Dr Sam Ankrah, therefore, advised Ghanaians to fight for independence one more time, and this time, it is against NPP and NDC.


Read his full statement below:


Countrymen and women!

As we observe 66 years of independence from colonial rule; and 30 years of our 4th Republic this year, we are faced with only one soul-searching question – where are we now and where are we headed from here?

A man whose life was favored with enviable resources must possess some substantial wealth to boast of, by age 66. A 30-year-old man, blessed with strength and an enviable heritage, must have a prosperous future to look forward to. But sadly, that is not the reality of our 66 and 30-year-olds today.

Our struggle for independence only moved us from one colonial master who lived many miles away and handed us into the hands of neo-colonial masters who live right here among us. Since then, our leaders, our blood, have hoodwinked us, using political colors and symbols to buy our support, only to leave us dry and clueless and on our own: each man for himself.

So, the question now is, what would Ghana’s story be by the time she’s 70?

Countrymen, the NPP-NDC fraternity cannot and should not be the ones leading our nation into that 70th milestone. They have proven for 30 years that they just don’t care, and neither do they have what it takes. It has always been and would always be about them and their close families and friends. Expect nothing new. It will not change.

So, Countrymen and women, it’s time to look deep into ourselves and redirect our destinies in our favor. I’m sorry to break this to you, but it’s time for us to rise and fight for our nation’s independence one more time. This time, it’s a fight for our independence from the neo-colonialist NPP-NDC rule. Enough Is Enough! Rise and join the struggle. Independence Now.

Dr. Samuel Sarpong Ankrah is an investment banker, a global business strategist and Development Economist with more than 20 years’ successful experience in providing fiscal, strategic and operational leaderships in uniquely challenging situations.

He is the Chief Executive Officer and a Principal Partner of AIG (Ghana) and AIG International (Switzerland), where he champions the development and implementation of the Company’s long-term strategy and effective prioritization of resource allocation, for the realization of long-term value and sustainable competitive advantage for clients and their stakeholders.

He is also the Chairman for Trade and Investment, International Chamber of Commerce; and a Director and Partner of Kaitan Capital and Rampartners Switzerland, both Swiss-based investment firms.



Dr. Ankrah is the co-founder of the New Africa Mobility (NAM) Fund – a social impact fund for Africa, which is established to contribute and align its investments towards upward mobility across the African Landscape.



Dr. Ankrah is the Board Chairman of Ngoya Etix DC Ghana Limited, now Onix DC, a first-tier IV data center in Sub-Saharan Africa; and has acted as the local representative and investment advisor for various multinational Corporations, including SICPA Switzerland (a Swiss-based company responsible for security inks for currencies in the world – the sole company in that field field for over 100 years), and TATA Energy. He is certified by the UK Financial Services Authority (FSA) now Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

He acquired his primary and secondary education in Kumasi, Ghana (Opoku Ware 1986-1991, where he was a Head boy) and in the United Kingdom, where he obtained a degree in Statistics and Management from University of London, an MBA (Finance & Management); and a Leadership Advantage Program Certificate from the Cranfield School of Management (UK); an MSc. in Economics, Social Science and PhD in Philosophy and Social Science, all from the Pan-American University of Science and Medicines. Dr. Ankrah also has an Msc in Economics and a PhD in Finance from Universidad Empresarial de Costa Rica.

He has a (Honoris Causa) from the Sovereign Medical Order of the Knights Hospitaller, for innovative and exceptional financial engineering to help bring the functions of the group to the Sub-Saharan Africa Region. He is currently a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Chartered Economists (ICEGhana).

He has been speaking and promoting investment opportunities, educating, and encouraging the youth to venture into entrepreneurial initiatives at various platforms.

In his field of expertise, Dr. Ankrah has produced sustained revenue and EBITA (Earnings Before Interest Taxes and Amortisation) growth, with proven track record in Management, Finance and Economics, Investment Banking, Leasing, Factoring, and Forfeiting Oil and Gas, Private Pension Management, and International Trade in dynamic and changing markets.

He has won several awards, including a Special Achievement Award from the prestigious GUBA Awards.

Dr. Samuel Ankrah was born in Kumasi on 30th May, 1974, to the late James William Ankrah (a Mechanical Engineer and Felicia Duku Amponsah, a retired civil servant from Sekyeredumasi. He is married to Maud Sarpong Ankrah, (an assessment nurse specialist in the field of neuro-development), who hails from Elmina. They are blessed with 3 kids: Halle Ankrah (16), Earl Ankrah (14) and Tilly Ankrah (10).

He is a sports fan who enjoys football, boxing, golf and rugby; and enjoys the music of Sarkodie, Shatta Wale and King Promise, among other hitmakers. He loves Kenkey and fish with a bedding of hot pepper and tender pear in the mix.


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