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Threats by Bryan ACHEAMPONG; Victor Smith writes ……



And yet you see the likes of the NPP national organiser reveling in such provocative pronouncements.

The only good thing one sees, watching the video clip, is that most of their supporters were clearly unenthused by such buffoonery.


But we cannot let such reckless behavior pass without calling on the national security officers charged with keeping the peace in Ghana to act immediately.

These threats have serious National Security implications.


Why shouldn’t they invite him to answer to his reckless utterance.

The Inspector General of Police, The CID, The Ghana Armed Forces, The Peace Council, are you listening?

Ghana has been a relatively peaceful and politically stable country in this part of the world but let no one take this for granted, because not all the personnel in the security agencies are NPP, and also not all NPP members will support anyone threatening to plunge our dear Ghana into turmoil. Especially where the current crop of NPP leaders have so badly tarnished the nation’s image by catastrophically mismanaging our economy, making us look like a brainless nation.


Indeed, they have the men to do just that – destroying our economy .

Let all NPP warmongers remember that, there are as many more peace loving and principled men and women in the Ghana Armed Forces, the Police and other security agencies who will also be ready to stop any nonsense from any individuals or group as we go towards elections 2024.


Principled men and women will surely NOT act on any wrongful directive which may have the tendency of destroying our peace, be it from the Presidency, Politicians or Security Chiefs. This is what Former President Rawlings referred to as POSITIVE DEFIANCE


AWW and Techiman South will not be allowed to happen in this country again .


Those who have ears let them hear.

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