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TaTU students boycott lectures again over 15% fee increment

Students of Tamale Technical University (TaTU) on Friday, March 17, boycotted lectures citing an increment in school fees by the institution’s management.

The University has increased the fees by 15 percent this academic year.

The students say they are not against the 15 percent increment but against the timing of the action.

A student said “management has not been fair to us at all. First, they did not consult us and then now they have increased the fees against our will.”

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“This is not a good time at all. It is very inconsiderate on their part. We can’t continue like this,” another said.

This is the second time the students have boycotted lectures over the increment of fees.

On March 10, The students massed up at the school’s administration to present their grievances to school management.

The majority leader of the student’s Parliament, Abdul Razak Aziz said “management took this decision without us, which makes the outcome invalid. Per our laws, the SRC is supposed to be involved in such decisions. We thus do not recognise whatever decision they have taken.”

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But the management denied the increment stating that it is only a proposal.

The Director of Public Affairs, Osman Mubarik said “we discussed it at the academic board and a resolution was made. We are still discussing it, we are not sure of the percentage we should increase it by.”

“Regardless, we believe the increment is justified, other schools in the south have increased their fees, we also think we need to increase ours.”


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