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Striking Nigerian lecturers seek to curb foreign education


Public university lecturers in Nigeria, who are currently on strike over pay, have called for a law to regulate the children of government officials studying abroad.


“If this is done, it will build a better society by developing formidable educational institutions and improve funding of the university system in Nigeria,” Kingdom Tombra, chairman of the University of Niger Delta Wilberforce Island chapter of the lecturers’ union, is quoted as saying in the People’s Gazette paper.


“If the rich and poor go to the same university or institution, I don’t think the strike will occur again,” Mr Tombra continued.


Children of many public officials have gone to university abroad, including the children of the current president and vice president.


“If they school here and their children are here they will show total support for the university system and the tertiary institutions in Nigeria,” Mr Tombra commented.


The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has been on strike since 14 February, leaving many students in limbo.


A 2020 strike by public university lecturers lasted nine months.



Source: BBC

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