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Stop the propaganda and tell Ghanaians the taxes you pay anytime you visit your family in Canada – Owusu Afriyie to Asiedu Nketia.

Speaker of the NPP Youth Alliance In Diaspora (US), Owusu Afriyie has spoken about the E-LEVY, saying the electronic levy probably is a good Idea which will in many ways help improve the economy, but the problem is misappropriation of our taxes.

According to him, Ghana has a problem because Government officials and politicians do not use the taxes for the intended purposes!

Mr Afriyie lives in Ohio and gave an instances on how other states in America pay their taxes. Ohio state foreign tax is 5.75% and their local tax is 1.42%, also California foreign tax is 7.25% and the local is 1.31%, Washington DC tax is 6.50% for foreign and 40% local tax . America, upon all these, they all have a way of paying their taxes. Europe, Canada, and Australia all pay taxes in their country through their advanced technologies.

He continued by saying electronic levy is something that can develop Ghanaian economy and therefore shouldn’t be a political propaganda as Asiedu Nketia of NDC said when they come to power electronic levy will be abolished. He therefore condemned the assesion from the main opposition party, NDC for throwing dust into the eyes of the Ghanaians

He again stated that the interest of this state as a country should come first before any other political party.Why should Ghana go under IMF again, he asked?

There are a lot of mineral deposits in this country which can be exploited for the benefits of our economy but much efforts is not put into it. This is the time we have to sit down and have a national plan for this country.
Government must therefore do follow up across the African continent to learn the innovative ways to improve the living standards of it citizens.

Government must prosecute any government official who has misappropriated or caused financial lost to the country. There are so many villages that the children are suffering crossing rivers to their various schools everyday.
Mr Afriyie emphasized that NDC should not politicize plans that will help the economic development of the country.

And he, Mr Afriyie is hoping that after Nana Addo’s term of office as president is over, Mr Alan will take over in ruling this country, he asserted.




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