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Stop Misconceptions and Stigmatization to prevent HIV/AIDS Spread –  Issah Sumaila pleads

The emergency in charge of the Sampa Government Hospital in the Jaman North District of the Bono region, *Mr Issah Sumaila* has asked the general public to put a stop to the series of misconceptions being circulated about HIV/AIDS and the stigmatization of HIV/AIDS patients.


He indicated that the deceptions about HIV should not be promoted in this modern day since drugs to suppress the viral load are readily available to sustain HIV patients as compared to the olden days when these patients suffered in the prime stage of the virus.


He stressed that avoiding the stigma and myth about HIV will encourage all individuals to check their HIV status which he said will help to prevent the spread of the virus because infected persons will be put on ART drugs after knowing their status hence will reduce the rate at which the virus can spread to save lives and the economy.


Mr Issah Sumaila During an exclusive interview with Kwaku Mensah Abrampa on Gye Nyame Fm indicated that HIV/AIDS is transferable at ease when all the QQR factors are considered explaining that the QQR has to do with the Quantity of Virus within the body system, Quality of the virus available in the body and the Routes of Entry of the virus into an uninfected person revealing that when all the three factors are available, the transmission of the HIV/AIDS is done with ease but where one or two factors are missing then it may be very difficult for the virus to be transferred to another person indicating that the Quantity of the Virus reduces when the ART drugs are taken accordingly, hence it suppresses the quality of the virus and when there is no route of entry, then the virus cannot be passed onto another person.


He finally pleaded with other people leaving with HIV patients to treat them as equal as they treat other because the virus is transferable only when all the QQRs factors are considered and once one or two are seized, the virus is no more infectious.




Source: Otixpres.com/Kwaku Mensah Abrampa

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