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Stay away from from Blacko with your witchcraft – Sarkodie

In a Director OJ video, rap legend Michael Owusu ‘Sarkodie’ Addo has asserted his dominance in what seems like a freestyle song.

Delivered in keeping with the popular braggadocios Hiphop spirit, he addressed a number of issues including why he is still an independent artiste and not signed to any major record label.

Africa’s most decorated rapper, he, in this surprise release titled ‘Fraud N*** in Suit’, compared detractors in the creative arts industry to bloggers who write “stupid things” to for money.

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He also likened them to “blood sucking” mosquitoes, and warned them he would kill them with an insecticide.

“You don’t have good intentions. You’re here in Ghana, always scheming to destroy people,” he further charged and strongly warned that they should stay off Black Sherif.

“I beg you don’t go after Blacko with your witchcraft,” he barked sarcastically in a plea.

King Sarkodie, as is his nickname, he rapped in English, Pidgin and Akan.

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Recently, Sarkodie, citing a trip to South Africa, indicated how popular ‘Blacko’ has become internationally. He recalled an instance where people in a club he was in, were pining to hear Black Sherif’s music as the biggest record of the night.

“It’s not just part of the playlist. We’re talking about the biggest song of the night that people are looking forward to at the highest peak,” the rapper affectionately called Sark said.


He also prayed for the 20-year-old: “He is about to see more than he has done already. So he should strap on for the better things that are about to happen. God bless you, Blacko.”

Sarkodie said these things at Black Sherif’s private cocktail to celebrate his debut album: ‘The Villain I Never Was’.













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