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Security Officer Nails ‘Coup’ Doctor

AN ACCRA High Court yesterday heard how an undercover operative from National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) infiltrated a WhatsApp group named Take Action Ghana (TAG) created by Dr. Frederick MacPalm, the medical doctor who is alleged to be the mastermind of a plot to overthrow government in a coup.


The court, which is hearing the case of some 10 persons allegedly involved in the plot, also heard how the operative went to the Citadel Hospital owned and operated by Dr. MacPalm at Alajo, Accra, in a bid to gain access to the plot.


The prosecution’s 13th witness, Detective Chief Inspector Michael Nkrumah, led in his evidence- in-chief by the Director of Public Prosecutions, Yvonne Atakora Obuobisa, told the court that the infiltration was necessitated by intelligence received by the Ghana Armed Forces and the NIB on a plot to overthrow government, and Dr. MacPalm’s desire to recruit senior security officers to lead the junior officers in carrying out the coup.

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“An undercover operative from NIB infiltrated into TAG WhatsApp group and again went to Citadel Hospital to be recruited by A1. (Dr. MacPalm). A1 who was to recruit senior officers to lead the junior officers for the overthrow of government, saw the undercover operative as a senior security officer who could help to lead the junior officers for the overthrow of government. A1 discussed with the said operative about his intentions and plans to overthrow the government,” he told the court.


Chief Inspector Nkrumah told the court that the undercover operative managed to record his conversations with Dr. MacPalm and the said conversation which the DPP said was about two hours long has been made available to the accused persons and their lawyers. It would be played in court today.


The witness also told the court that Dr. MacPalm, as part of recruiting senior security persons to lead the coup, discussed the idea with Colonel Samuel Kojo Gameli, a senior military officer who supported the idea and cautioned the doctor to be careful of his meeting place with the soldiers at Next Door Beach Resort, as the place is an open area and a public place.

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“A5 (Col. Gameli) affirming his support introduced A4 (Johannes Zikpi) who is a civilian employee at the Signal Regiment of the Ghana Armed Forces as someone who could help the group in handling their communication equipment,” the court heard.


Chief Inspector Nkrumah also told the court that on November 8, 2018, Dr. MacPalm as part of recruiting senior officers also approached ACP Dr. Benjamin Agordzo, a senior police officer who also agreed to join the TAG WhatsApp platform and upon joining, he cautioned Dr. MacPalm to be cautious of certain choice of words for security reasons.

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“A10 (ACP Agordzo) further indicated Ghanaians’ inability to demonstrate against their leaders and that it is high time Ghanaians will wake up one day and say ‘enough is enough’. A1 (Dr. MacPalm) in his response to A10 asked if spontaneous uprising will be enough and A10 also said he sometimes feels restrained because of his profession as a police officer, and that is his challenge,” Chief Inspector Nkrumah stated.


The witness also added that Dr. MacPalm and ACP Agordzo discussed the possibility of organising a massive demonstration, and Dr. Agordzo in furtherance of that plan sent a draft speech which was to be read by Dr. MacPalm on the day of the demonstration and also donated GH¢2,000 to the cause.

















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