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Sawla SHS Mathematics Teacher jailed 15 years for raping a student

A Tamale High Court presided over A high Court Mr. Justice Kogyapwah has sentenced Ernest Ocloo; a Mathematics teacher of Sawla Senior High School(SHS) 15 years imprisonment in hard labour for raping an 18-year- old student of the school in the staff Common room.


Ernest Ocloo in March 2020 was summarily dismissed after he was caught raping a female student of the school in the Staff Common Room in November 2019 in the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District of the Savannah Region


A seven-member jury found the accused guilty of the offense after more than a year of trial before the court.

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According to the facts of the case as presented to the court by the Regional Chief State Attorney Salia Abdul-Quddus, the convict sent another student to call her to meet him in the staff common room and she obliged.




When they got to the staff common room, the convict instructed that only the Victim should enter and that the other student should go back.



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The victim met him sitting on a sofa in the staff common room, and when he invited her to join him on the sofa she refused. The convict then offered the victim Yoghurt and shito but she rejected the gifts. He went ahead to propose love to her which she turned down




When the victim turned to leave the staff common room, the convict got up and locked the door, held her and started fondling her breast. Even though she resisted, the convict persisted and proceeded to forcibly put her on the floor, undressed her and forcibly perpetrated her. The victim shouted for help but no one heard her.

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Because of the force the convict used, the victim could neither stand nor walk amidst excruciating stomach ache. The victim was later taken to her dormitory where her condition deteriorated and she was rushed to Sawla hospital. She was on admission for two days


Though the unnamed victim in her caution statement to the police corroborated reports she was raped as claimed by the authorities of the school but the suspect who disagreed said they had consensual sex when she passed out as a result of the excitement.

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