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Russia ‘Invades’ Ghana

Russian President Vladimir Putin



The ‘Russian invasion of Ghana’ is about that country’s local envoy’s efforts at altering the truth about Putin’s bullying tactics in Ukraine and the global fallouts thereof.


For the second or so time, the envoy has told Ghanaians that something else is responsible for the economic woes visiting our country. He did not include the global effects of the invasion, on purpose.


He gets irritated whenever he reads or hears people attributing our distressed economy to his country’s invasion of Ukraine.


Just why he does not want to admit openly that his country’s geo-political project is having a telling effect on the global economy is something which can be attributed to his political upbringing.


A Russian envoy, regardless of his duty post, must speak like Sergey Lavarov otherwise, he would have questions to answer in Moscow. That should account for the envoy talking out of tune with realities on the ground. Maybe we should spare him the harsh remarks because he is relishing real unfettered freedom of expression, something he has never enjoyed at home.


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We find his unproductive opposition to what is being held by the world but Russia, as being the cause of the global economic malaise, not only a derision but deceptive. We are, however, consoled by the reality that such fictions are emanating from a man who has been sufficiently indoctrinated in the art of propaganda and the spewing of mendacious tales. He certainly would be a toast of Putin. That is the way of Russia, a country where everything is coated in propaganda.

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Russia? Whoever trusts that country? Nobody does except themselves and their puppet countries. We recall how when American intelligence was pointing at an imminent invasion of Ukraine by Russia, this was denied by Vladimir Putin who had the guts to add that America was unduly raising tension in the region.


In Ghana, as we put it out in our first reaction to the Russian minds invasion of our country, there is unfettered democracy. We can afford to criticise and express ourselves about government policies and actions without fearing being sent to Siberia or to join the opposition leader Alexei Navalny in prison.

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We shall continue to acknowledge the fact that the invasion is the reason there is near runaway inflation in most parts of the world.


If we were on the path of post COVID-19 economic recovery, the grand expansionist project of Putin has put this asunder and we won’t stop at pointing out this whenever the opportunity knocks.


There is a worldwide economic malaise, the reality of which is the fallout of the pandemic and now the invasion of Ukraine by Putin, The Terrible.


We hope to hear from the envoy soon on this but even when he responds, our stance will remain as solid as the rock. Facts are solid and propaganda unstable.






Source: DGN

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