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Rise up against wasteful leaders – Rev. Opuni Frimpong tells Ghana’s Youth

Rev Opuni Frimpong has called on the youth of Ghana to rise up against Ghanaian leaders whose wasteful lives is affecting the growth of the country.


He indicates that currently, the older generation keeps borrowing monies for projects which are left uncompleted and unproductive; a worrying state of the country.


Rev. Opuni said it is sad that the older generation that is supposed to leave legacies for the younger generation is rather leaving behind debt the younger generation will have to pay.




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“There are projects that have been abandoned in the bushes. Most of the E-blocks built have been left to rot. It is Ghana’s money, the monies were borrowed in Ghana’s name. In the next thirty years when the country has to repay these debts, the people who went for the loans may be dead.


When you are home with your parents, they are supposed to die and leave behind properties but that does not happen in Ghana. When the old people die what they leave behind is debt. The Nsawam road and the Amasaman road is also spoilt. The loan we took to construct that road hasn’t been paid but the road is not in good shape now,” he said on Accra-based Okay FM.


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He continued “in this country whatever project a government undertakes, they must use loans. When they secure the loans for the projects too they are left to rot in the bush. It’s a very sad development that those who took the loans won’t be the ones to pay”.


“It’s God’s will for the country to do well but we should also have the will to develop as a people. There are loans we are leaving for our children and when they come they will have to take taxes and pay for loans we took on their behalf.

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He indicated that the youth need to rise and make the leaders of today aware of the fact that they can’t be taking loans for projects that will end up being unproductive.




“The youth must be proactive and get involved. They shouldn’t be following these old folks and singing their praises. You should be able to tell the people you are following around that what they are doing is not right and that they should stop taking loans for projects which in the long run will not be productive or will be left to rot.”

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