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Red wine plays important role in preparation for sex- Health Scientist

Global health Scientist, Dr. Richard Eghan, has stated that Red wine helps to “turn people on to have sex”.


According to him, a lot of people do not have the desire to have sex, so the wine which contains certain chemicals is taken in to help give some form of stimulating effect before having sex.


“Red wine because it contains chemicals that support to turn on, people let me put it this way before sex when a little bit of wine is taken…as I have said, Red wine helps towards helping your tiny, helping the mood. You need to get the mood right on sex because when you are going to have sex, and you don’t have the mood, no!. People just wake up ….then ….they have got to have sex. The Red wine actually plays a role in the preparation for sex,” he explained.


In an interview, the Health Scientist stated that, music and ambience play a key role in having sex.



Red wine plays important role in preparation for sex- Health Scientist

“The mood has to be right, the ambience and the music, something to take on. The ambience is like a form of psychological and emotional aphrodisiac, yeah you have to create that,” he added.


He also mentioned some foods and chemicals that contain aphrodisiac, which helps to arouse the desire to have sex.


“Dark chocolate has them, and also sea foods such as oyster. We know that has certain substances in them which also actually helps, honey as well, things that we know, avocado and also honey vanilla. So apart from these substances we also have products such as Quercetin. They are herbal medicine produced from quercetin which is more or less an immune booster known to actually helps boost libido and also drive and even help with erection as well. And we also know about Yohimbe. Yohimbe is herbal which is extracted from something called the Yohimbine that also is known to actually help to give rise to several functional stuffs,” the Health Scientist posited.

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