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‘Public Service must not be for grabbing but…’ Dr Agyeman Frimpong

Public sector workers, have been asked to see the public services as a call to duty, but not an avenue to be corrupt and amass wealth.

State Agencies, have been saddled with corrupt practices over the years with the Auditor General’s report indicating a 36 percent rise in financial irregularities, and Dr Nana Agyemang Frimpong, a Commissioner of the Public Services Commission, wants prospective employees in the public sector must dedicate themselves to a good course that serves the interest of all.

He was speaking on the sidelines of a seminar dubbed, “Developing the Next Generation of Public Sector Managers: focusing on skills and knowledge. It was organized by the Public Administration Student Association (PASA) of GIMPA.

Dr Frimpong, during his presentation highlighted the five critical skills and competencies expected of all public sector workers in addition to the knowledge of classical Public Administration principles.

These, include emotional intelligence and the need to be a team player at all times where the majority of the decisions and actions personnel have to make in public service requires one to have a deep sense of emotional control. So people who can demonstrate these traits in addition to technical skills will be needed to help steer public affairs.

Secondly, public servants are expected to have interpersonal and intrapersonal skills for effective networking. Under this, everyone needs to know their strengths and limits while also paying attention to the fact that other people also have limitations and shortcomings as well.

Thirdly, according to Dr Frimpong, a public sector worker is expected to have both technical and political competency skills to carry out his day-to-day businesses effectively.

The seminar was attended by Amy Mitchell-Bel, the head of the International Recruitment Team (SRM), External Relations for Middle East and Africa, University of Birmingham (UK), Dr Yaw Appiah Marfo PASA Patron, Dr Gifty Gyemere, and some faculty lecturers of the GIMPA Public School.

Mr Gilbert Attipoe, the President of PASA, in an interview with The Herald, was excited about the seminar.

He said, “the topic of this seminar was carefully selected because we realized the public sector lacks efficiency and so we came up with this topic to see how we can reshape the next generation of public sector managers”.

He used the opportunity to call on alumni of the GIMPA School of Public Service and Governance to come back to their alma mater to develop it, since the government cannot do it all alone.

“I will make sure I do everything in my capacity in making sure GIMPA-PASA is revived and serves its purpose”, he pledged.

Dr Patrick Tandoh-Offin, the Dean of School of Public Service and Governance, GIMPA in his closing remark suggested that students need to take their networking opportunities very seriously.

“ One opportunity GIMPA offers students is the fact that one can be sitting in the same class with their employers because of the nature of students who sign up to come to school here. And so students should network for positive reasons”.

He said “students will be taking a minimum of 28 courses by the end of their studies. Which means they will have had at least 15 different lecturers teaching them.

Dr Tandoh-Offin,  therefore, advised on the need for students to have the contacts of at least four lecturers they can call and check on every once in a while, so that whenever they need reference letters it can quickly be facilitated for them.

“Make the lecturers part of your network as a student because you will need them to authenticate you”, the dean said.

The PASA, was officially outdoor in November 2016, which saw Harry Attipoe as its first president, this was followed in 2018 by Bossman and Gilbert Attipoe as its President.

The aims and objectives of PASA, is to bridge the gap between students of the School of Public Service and Governance and faculty, to promote and foster friendship and understanding among Students of the school of Public Service and Governance.

Among other things, it is also to help address the needs of members and create the opportunity for practical training.

In addition to the above, it is also to negotiate with organizations on behalf of the students of the public school to help its members achieve their primary aim on campus. Lastly, it organizes educational programs and seminars, to create awareness among the public on the need for Public Administration in today’s constantly changing global settings.




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