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Outstanding toilet in Krachi West Municipal has been commission

Toilet facility has been the issue to the people of Krachi west municipality for sometime now.


Krachi west municipal is one of the communities in the newly created Oti region that has a hug number of people coming to do market.


The “kwada Bi Ye” market is busy day for the people of Krachi west and other District that come from far and near to do business.

People from the Northern,Eastern, Ashanti Region and Greater Accra travel to Kete Krachi on Tuesday, sleep overnight and have the market Day on Wednesday.

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But one of the problems the people always have was were to take their bath and also a washroom they can free themselves.

The toilet was built during president Nana Addo Darnkwa Akuffo Addo’s first term in office but has been left out of use during this period.


After completing the facility,the market men and women were expecting the Government to commission it use they can use it for it purpose,but that was not the case.

The former MCE for Krachi west municipal,Hon Douglas Osei Nti did all he could to have the toilet facility commission but all his effects failed as he was waiting for the contractor to hand over the facility to the Municipal.



MCE for Krachi west municipal,Hon. Emmanuel Kajal Jalula also continue the fight to have it commission.

But at long last,the battle has ended and the toilet facility has been commission.


MCE was accompanied by the Municipal coordinating Director,Mr. Cletus Chevorle, the Navy commander and the Operation Gongon Commander.

The people could not hide their joy after the toilet facility was commission.

According to the MCE,the facility will be open only on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for now and will later Open to the public.

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