Popular Nigerian marriage counsellor Jane Chukwu has revealed how commercial sex work, popularly known as “ashawo” or “hookup” started in Nigeria.

The practice where some ladies sleep with men for a fee, according to Miss Chukwu, did not start today.

She claimed in a Facebook post that some women in the olden days demanded money from their husbands before they slept with them.

“Our mothers saw s3x as a transaction, hookup didn’t start today; those days if our fathers no provide, no s3x,” she noted.



According to her, women from the past are not different to those of today, implying that the only difference is how it is being done.

“I have always said that our mothers are not different from today women, the difference is the internet and feminism, today women have access to support group that gives them financial help and society now openly support irresponsible women.

“If these older men tell you what they went through that made them marry 3 to 4 wives you won’t believe it,” she wrote.