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Oti Regional Women’s Organizer Send A Warm Message To The NPP Women In Oti.-HON ALICE MENSAH.


Dear Women

As we approach the internal presidential and parliamentary primaries, I wish to take a moment to draw your attention on some pertinent issues. My abled Constituency Women’s organizers & deputies, all Women group leaders, party women and young ladies of our great elephant family, It is crucial we conduct ourselves well with respect, integrity and mindful of our actions throughout this internal presidential and parliamentary campaign process as mothers of our dear Region.

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Obviously, in any democratic process, it is natural to hold strong opinions and convictions, and we deserve to have our voices heard. However, let us remember that respectful and civil discourse is the foundation of a vibrant and inclusive democracy.

Also we should always know that, our ultimate strength lies in our ability to engage in meaningful and challenging conversations that uplift and inspire rather than tear down and demoralise.

As women, we have an incredible opportunity to set an example for others in our constituencies and the Region at large. By embracing fairness, understanding, uniqueness and empathy, we can foster an environment that encourages participation and respect for diverse perspectives.

Therefore, I urged us all to avoid personal attacks and instead focus on the issues at hand, ensuring that our discussions are rooted in the betterment of our dear Region, the party and the well-being of our constituents.

Remember, our ultimate goal is to contribute positively to our party fortunes in the upcoming 2024 elections and beyond. By advocating for our preferred candidates through respectful means, we can pave the way for progress and inspire others to follow in our footsteps.

I will also like to take this opportunity to apologise to individuals who one away to other are offended by any action of my women in Oti Region in our respective constituencies.

In the coming weeks, let us remain united, supportive of one another, and committed to a fair, respectful and inclusive process.

Together, we can empower our fellow women and make a lasting impact in our region.

Thank you for your dedication, passion, and commitment to promoting a positive political environment in Oti Region.

Let us carry the torch of politics with grace, resilience, and respect.

Warmest regards.

Championing Women Empowerment .


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