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Oti Regional NPP Chairmanship Race: Why Ajei Ntim Should Not Be Considered For Regional Chairman Position – Nyimba Richmond Dogo Jnr Write.

Incumbent Evans Yaw Dapaah left, Mr Ajei Ntim Aspirant right

Ajei Ntim who hails from the Akan constituency in the Oti Region got the chance to lead as DCE for two consecutive times and by that, 8 years as the DCE under the Agyekum Kuffour led administration.


He had the opportunity to lead the party in 2008 as the parliamentary candidate. He claimed that because he’s been the DCE, he was in the best position to win power as the parliamentary candidate for the NPP, he was given the leading nod by this analysis to prove his worth.


Every single thing at the time favoured him, the whole party machinery was at his comfort including all that came from the national party and yet *Ntim lost woefully, he was beaten by Ofa Pay3 (a lotto foscater),* if he fails to win elections in an enclosed space like Akan Constituency, is it Oti Region he can manage?


As if this was not enough, he left the party to it’s own fate after we lost elections in 2008. After Ajei Ntim in 2008 was beaten by a “Lotto Focaster”, (Ofa Pay3), he fled to the United States of America having amassed wealth from the party. He left the party to rot in Akan only to resurface somewhere 2016 to lead the party again claiming he’d made some dollars.


All this while Chairman Evans Yaw Dappah who could have also gone elsewhere to seek greener pastures was patiently nursing the party to grow. Chairman Evans was single handedly sponsoring every party program in his constituency even in opposition, he was in Katabini preventing Togolese from entering our voter register together with his party executives in Nkwanta North. where was Ajei Ntim?

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If everyone had left the party because we were in opposition, who would’ve won power for him to be a CEO?


When the same Ajei Ntim came back in 2016 he asked to be featured as the parliamentary candidate and again lost miserably to Juapong Kujo, *two solid consecutive times* he was whipped mercilessly by Juapong Kujo. Today same Ajei Ntim is priding himself the most experienced whatever, where was this expertise when Ofa Pay3 and Juapong Kujo whipped you two consecutive times respectively?


*If Ajei Ntim today wants us to believe the regional executives failed, he is telling us plain that he was not part of the campaign and should not be forgiven for that, delegates must punish him unanimously.*


The reason people are given appointment in government is so that they can sponsor party to win elections. Ajei Ntim was appointed as CEO, what was his contribution? What was his support to the party? He should show us the amount he sponsored the party?


Today he goes round and tells delegates he was not given a role to play in 2020 elections, how can a 1st Vice seeking to lead a party as a Regional Chairman say this? Ntim must be made to pay for this gross incompetence and failure and in effect he is telling us, he was never a part of the campaign and must not be forgiven.

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Chairman Evans is barely 3 years in this office as a regional Chairman but we have very positive achievements to show for, the votes in Oti Region has appreciated massively with Chairman Evans’ constituency counting the highest for both presidential and parliamentary if anybody cares to know.


Generally NPP as a party had real tough elections 2020 with Ashanti of all regions loosing 3 seats, 2 to the NDC and 1 to an independent candidate. But here in Oti, we can point to voter appreciation, Nkwanta north has reduced their vote diffetence from over 12,000 to some 1,601, Krachi Nchumuru has 4000 votes etc, it would’ve been unfair for any delegate to listen to lies by Ajei Ntim and his team who can’t show anything for all the party has done for them.


When Ajei Ntim lost elections in 2016, he was catapulted by his friend Alan into a CEO, what did he do for this party aside printing 50 t shirts for constituencies? we want to know. Lawyer Ayisi was a deputy CEO, he bought motto bikes for each constituency, even him has not come out to lead as Regional Chairman.


Today Ajei Ntim goes round telling delegates he has money to buy delegates, so he had all this money and allowed us surfer this pain just because he wants to lead the party as regional chairman? the more reason delegates should not allow him go free. He aught to be punished in no uncertain terms.

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His boys are telling us we don’t need humility to win elections for Oti Region and that we need arrogance. Question is, if arrogance could win us elections, Ntim would’ve won the “Lotto Focaster” and Juapong Kujo respectively. An NDC dominated terrain like ours, we don’t need arrogance.


Come to think of it, Ajei Ntim if had a good heart and really wanted this party well, could have bought those votes for his own constituency to win elections. Why didn’t Ajei Ntim adopt a constituency with his amassed wealth and get us a member of parliament to his name? When he was asked, said he was not given a role, like seriously? 😳 That is a failed leader if you want to know one.


If not greed, how many CEOs have gone to pick forms to lead the party after all the benefits that comes with being a CEO? Sammy Awuku is not far fetched, he was appointed NLA boss, why didn’t same go into the race to lead the party again? It can only be greed and nothing.


I want to state unequivocally and without mincing words, Ajei Ntim pales in comparison and doesn’t match the current Chairman who did everything for this party even while in opposition.


From a genuine Patriot.














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