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Oti Regional Minister who Uprooted June 4th seedings begs for forgiveness, seeking sympathy to Contes Nkwanta south seat – Concern Nkwanta Youth


Exactly a year ago, the Oti Regional Minister (an appointee of the NPP government) gave a directive for the uprooting of trees planted during the celebration of June 4th anniversary in the Nkwanta South Municipality of the Oti Region.


This is someone who has a long standing ambition of going to parliament to represent the people of Nkwanta South one day but was quick to stand as a stumbling block to the survival of the same people and the generations thereafter knowing very well the importance of trees in the life of the human race.


Partisan politics has made him to renounce his ability to good reasoning, patriotism and common sense at the time of giving such an embarrassing directive.


Today he is now seen using his position as Oti Regional Minister to fulfill his childhood ambition of becoming an MP just like how Nana Akuffo Addo has finally fulfilled his childhood ambition for which he is using the tax payer’s money to fly and bath in a private jet.


Our sources have revealed how the Oti Regional Minister has started engagement and consultation with the opinion leaders and town folks about his ambition.


As the popular adage goes. *”The Evil Men do leaves after them.”*This adage is seen to now hunt the Minister and he has no option than to beg for forgiveness.


When the Oti Regional Minister in 2022 directed his party folks for the uprooting of the said plants, he thought he was making his party popular little did he know that, he was shooting himself in the foot.


Today, the people of Nkwanta South are wiling to punish him for such ungodly conduct of a government appointee. Infact, he was at a point told in his face that, no amount of begging can save him from achieving his ambition.

If the Government of Ghana is today planting trees to ensure a Green Ghana agenda, why must this very appointee (Hon. Joshua Makubu), the Oti Regional Minister be interested in uprooting the planted trees. Clearly, the said Minister lacks the moral right to even stand before the good people of Nkwanta South to campaign because he cannot ensure development as demonstrated in his irresponsible act.

Parliamentarians are now seen as development agents and if Hon. Joshua Makubu can’t even guarantee the students of Nkwanta SHTS and to large extent the inhabitants of Nkwanta South Constituency natural oxygen, reduction in air pollution and source of livelihood which are some of the few but important benefits trees provide to the human race and the environment; then how can we entrust the development of a Constituency that supposed to be man- made (personal and deliberate initiative) in his hand?



Time will tell.







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