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Oti Region: Mobarak Diplomatic Writes

The NPP National Delegates Conference as usual made some delegates richer as aspirants were competing among each other to buy the conscience of the delegates with huge sums of money.


The same trend took place in both their Constituency and Regional Elections respectively.


It’s now clear that, the tax payers monies were hoarded by the NPP government just to use it for their internal Election as was displayed in the just ended National Delegates Election.


The ostentatious spending at the NPP National Delegates conference is a testament of how they create, loot and share state resources.


This has absolutely led to the high level of Corruption under this government because most of them must steal in order to contest in their internal elections.


The Election of the National Executives didn’t go free without the intra- politics of selecting leaders to occupy some key positions to reflect who becomes the flagbearer in their yet to be held presidential primaries.




The newly elected national chairman, Mr. Stephen Ntim and the secretary are described among the inner circles of the NPP as a pro-Alan.




It’s now clear that, the trade minister Alan Kyeremanten had his chances brightened as key positions are occupied by his candidates.


The vice president, Alhaji Mahamud Bawumia has to do extraordinary magic in order to enable him win as a presidential candidate for the NPP since all his candidates have lost to the underdogs.




The recent election has proven that, the NPP has reclaimed its lost identity of “Asantes total capture”.


The current crop of national leaders depict the come back of the Kuffuor faction which bitterly complained of gross neglect and disrespect by the Akyem mafias in government under the leadership of Akuffo Addo.




One thing that is also clear after this national delegates conference of the NPP is that, Dr. Bawumia has been used and dumped after the Akyem mafias have used him to their advantage.


He is likely to end his political career like the late Aliu Mahama who also hailed from the Northern part of the country.




It is time all other ethnic groups begin to do much introspective analysis on their recognition in the NPP or else, they will continue to be seen as inferior, aliens and unwelcome in the NPP.




It is also surprising to note that, the only Ewe factor in the contest, (i.e Kenwood Nuworsu) only managed to get 1% of the total votes casted.


It’s regrettable to note that, the NPP led by Akuffo Addo is only interested in the welfare of the party and not the Ghanaian populace that made him the president.


The collective interest of an ordinary Ghanaian today is to save Ghana from collapse through the recklessness borrowing and mismanagement of the Country by Nana Akuffo Addo and the NPP.






RCO-Oti Region

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