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Omnifert Pledges A Long Lasting Commitment To Farmers-Group CEO



By Joseph Nana Yaw Cobbina


As Ghana marked 38th celebration of its gallant farmers.


The agriculture has been one of the greatest pursuits of the country, and one which as contributed greatly to the wealth of the motherland, Ghana.


In a statement signed by the group CEO of Omnifert Ghana Ltd, Michael Zormelo, stated that, the nation’s farmers, are very dear to us and it is always a joy to celebrate them.


He recall that their resilience during the most recent pandemic, where beyond the tragedies, they experience economic pressures in the agricultural supply chain and changes in demand of consumers.


According to him, they’re charge ahead as best they could to provide for the nation’s nutritional requirements, contributing to the health of the citizens.


Further, the effects of climate change have not been hidden from Ghana, nor from them. The cgange in the weather patterns, including unexpected droughts, has affected soil fertility and crop production and new resources are needed to combat this.


He was optimistic that the country continue to stand with the farmers throughout, and despite the challenges, can’t help but to be optimistic about the future, due to its unwavering passion and dedication to make farming and agriculture a beacon in Ghana’s economy.


Mr.Zormelo hinted that at Omnifert, they take a lead role in this important agenda to heart, their products, whilst affordable, are each designed to suit different crops and soil types, and are essential for plant quality, growth and yields. Through this and many other initiatives, the Omni group of Africa remains committed to contributing to the agricultural productivity and employment opportunities in our beloved nation and Africa.


According to him, the company is committed to a constant development of a strong agricultural sector and aim at changing the lifes of farmers and all who depends on agriculture for their livelihood.


“We are grateful for your hardwork, commitment, and dedication to feeding the nation” he stressed.


Mr Zormelo said they hold their interests paramount and pledged their partnership with them to be in a long lasting commitment.

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