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O/R Power Crisis: Our Businesses are Collapsing – Krachi west, Nkwanta North Residents


Source: Otixpres.com


Inhabitants of Krachi west and Nkwanta North of the Oti Region will have to endure the unstable power supply they currently are experiencing because the Northern Electricity Distribution Company (NEDCo) has no sub-station within Krachi, Kpandai, Bimbila and it jurisdictions.


Residents within Krachi and kpassa areas have for the past months experienced unstable power supply and businesses are collapsing. Inhabitants can not boast of sleeping with their eyes open because they always go to bed with lights out and thieves are taking advantage of that to operate at night.


Residence in the Krachi west municipality of the Oti region are mostly affected and worried about the power supply of the Volta River Authority (VRA) in recent months.


It is either the lights goes off totally for days or low voltage that can not power some gadgets.


People who uses the power for their business are calling on the Government as a matter of agency comes to their aids before all their business collapses.


Last week, the Nkwanta North District assembly in their annual meeting invited the NEDCo to appear before the Honorable assembly members to address and update them why the district is facing such challenges has been excused by the District director. According to the assembly member, NEDCo officials have never honour their invitations.


For the media in Krachi West and Nkwanta North, the power supplies don’t answer calls for interviews to update or address the situation.


Speaking to Some energy consumers in the Krachi West Municipality, They complained bitterly of how their business are collapsing.


“It’s affecting our businesses, we come to work and sit for hours before the light comes. We promised and fail our customers and it’s collapsing our business. Fuel prices have increased so you can’t work with the generator. we’re appealing to them (NEDCo) to fix the light for us, a tailor told otixpres.com reporter, King David

The Youth President at Krachi, Mr. Ben Ntoso was worry about the power situation.


“Our lighting system in the Krachi West Municipality has been a headache to everybody, anytime we try to demonstrate against them they come and intervene,” he said.


He pleaded with government to give them a sub-station to help reduce the crisis.


Source: Otixpres.com

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