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O/R: Dumsor hit Kpassa; thieves taking over as residents lives in panic.

The current situation of power outage in the Nkwanta North District of the Oti Region in the last six (6) months goes beyond ‘Dumsor’ living most residents in the District capital (Kpassa) uncomfortable as thief cases increases in numbers.


Power has not been stable for three days in the last six months but yet authorities described not in crisis as popularly known as ‘Dumsor’; but a report says a maintenance work is ongoing at Bimbilla which many doubt because the challenge is over months.

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Businesses depending on electricity straggling to close daily sales while others like the Cold stores, renting and depending on external power given the additional cost.


Kpassa, the District capital of Nkwanta North over the years have recorded uncountable thief cases which majority of those are night operations as a result of Dumsor.


Motorbikes, Mobile phones, Cash and many others including home appliances are common materials mentioned by many residents as they complain on daily and weekly bases.

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The crisis which can be described more than Dumsor has been managed patiently by the authorities but yet no results as residents calling for a schedule from NEDCO to satisfy their clients.


Information reaching Otixpres.com indicate that, the situation is been managed but low current, On and Off becoming normal to the people.


Also, our investigations reveals the police lacks logistics to carry it operations including their accomodation, as it stands no prove can justify the situation is better than Dumsor.

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