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NPP UK Organiser chastised Kwame Baffoe the Bono Regional Chairman for his loose talk.

Kwame Boateng, NPP UK Branch Organiser


The Regional Chairman should refrain from his constant attack on the Party, that he serves as a chairman.

He should develop his emotional toughness, so he is not led by his emotions, but facts that are laid to the right quarters.

The indiscipline in the party at all level has reached its peak and this should stop. The structures of the party should be respected by party executives, who are to know better & serve as example to the young, who are learning the Party processes and procedures.

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Yes there are challenges but OkayFM is not the forum to express any grievance.

The time has come for the General Secretary, together with the the Disciplinary Committee body, to take bold steps to clamp down on such utterances.

The work of party officer at any level is voluntary, and this message should go down well to each and every person, seeking to occupy a party position.

The position of Regional Chairman, which Kwame Baffoe occupies, is just like that of other positions in the Party. They are all non-paid positions.
These positions are simply for service and as such, they should be made clear to all who seek to occupy them.

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Kwame Boateng
UK Branch Organiser






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