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NPP National Chairmanship race: Asabee assures Youth of Winning Together.

Driving wannabe in the impending public chairmanship appointment of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Hon. Stephen Asamoah Boateng has implied that he was in the impending challenge to win and coach the adolescent to assume control over the mantle of administration from the more established age.


Tending to youth coordinators from the 47 supporters in Ashanti Region Sunday night, Hon. Asabeee as the previous SIGA manager is called by party faithfuls, said he was looking past the impending races to guarantee that the party has set up pioneers who could move their insight and shrewdness to become the NPP.


Hon. Asabeee noticed that it was vital that the NPP has as a feature of its way of thinking, an all around determined progression plan so they could fill in the holes when the more seasoned people leave the scene.

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“I’m in this competition to win and guarantee that energetic components such as yourselves are tutored to assume control over the reins of authority when a few of us leave the political scene later on”, Hon. Asabeee expressed.




The previous Information Minister describing many difficulties he had needed to defeat to remain above water the political waters incorporating remaining far away, banished for good, noticed that his point in legislative issues is to guarantee that individuals carry on with better lives and have the option to deal with their families well overall.

Hon Stephen Asamoah Boateng connecting with the adolescent at the gathering


These encounters, for example, conveying cocoa, selling of “chilled kenkey” and numerous different positions he attempted had formed him to improve personally.

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He noticed that he could promptly relate to individuals when he sees them going through difficulties and challenges.


“I know a large portion of you are frustrated attempting to hold soul and body together as well as feed or cater for your wards and therefore I am in this race so you are well resourced to have the option to work for the party and take great consideration of your families also”, Hon. Asabeee expressed in the midst of unconstrained acclaim from the crowd.



Hon. Asabeee, having been a Local Government Minister during the Kufuor organization, noticed that he would asset youth coordinators so they could assume their parts well.


He revealed his 60/40% plan with the following NPP government where he suggests that the President delegates 60% of his pastors and Chief Executive Officers and considers the party to fill 40% of different meetings with party individuals.

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Hon. Asabeee demonstrated an apparent hands on managerial style when chosen as Chairman, adding that he would rather not become a rocker director who just stays at the party’s base camp to rely upon individuals for data.


“I’m focused on improving when chosen as Chairman than what ancestor Chairmen have done so that while working and oiling the party apparatus, party people who will accomplish the grounds work are offered some respect”, the National Chairman applicant placed.
















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