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Nine Years Old Girl Was Defiled By His Uncle……….As Court Sentence The Uncle To Nine Years With Hard Labour

Ghana has been a flash point in which the perpetrators used in trafficking people all in the name of corrupt officials in our borders.


This has been a wake up call for all of us to take serious note about the current situation happening in Sub Sahara Africa.


Speaking in an interview with an expert on human rights and the Director of Sub Sahara Africa of the Engaged Now Africa, has said that, alot of people do not have much knowledge about human trafficking and that’s what is causing a lot of harm nowadays.

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According to him, in the Year 2021, basic knowledge about human trafficking was very low so we took up on ourselves to educate the individuals about human trafficking.


He said expects and other companies came together as one and they are educating the youth and elders about human trafficking.

Further more, he advised parents to investigate more when people decide to take their children abroad to live or work there.


Again, he advised the youth to find something to in the country rather than travelling abroad to fine jobs and putting their lives in danger.

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This has been happening day to day activities by these scrupulous individuals selling and exploiting the victims into sexual harassment and abuse.


A uncle has been jailed for defiled his sister’s daughter all in the name of he is going to take the victim to school but rather turns her into a sex machine.


Mr. Komla warned parents and the youth to careful about that, someone said he is taken to do a job or take he or she to without cross checking or investigating it deeply.

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He appealed that if he or she find themselves in this the first point of call is ILO, the Embassies and agencies direct involved to see if indeed it is truly genuine or not.


The Engaged Now Africa, Street Aid, Social Welfare and security agencies has been able to rescue ten people from trafficking and exploitation of sex worker’s in Ghana, for which four are Nigeria nationals.




Source: Otixpres.com/Joseph Nana Yaw Cobbina

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