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Niger’s Chief of Staff escapes to Ghana

The Chief of Staff who served with the deposed president of Niger, Mahammed Bazoum, has found his way into Ghana.
Djibo Takoubokoye Daouda, who spoke to JoyNews, explained that while he has escaped his home country, he is still the Chief of Staff.
He told the news channel that nothing has changed in his country except for restrictions that have been placed on the democratically elected president.
He also stressed that, “Im not the former Chief
of Staff; I’m the Chief of Staff of the President
of the Republic of Niger, Mohammed Bazoum,
who is still the elected president of Niger. He’s
not the former president, but he is still the
elected one.
“This attempt to depose him is still ongoing and
it will finish soon.. Bazoum is still the president of Niger, recognized by all the countries in the World, of course except Mali and Burkina Faso,  who are in the same situation.”
Meanwhile, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has been deliberating on sending troops into Niger to help resolve the Many leading personalities in Ghana have,
however, advised the government of Ghana against any move to include soldiers from the country in such a move.

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