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Ngleshie-Domeabra sub-chief falls in ‘palace coup’


Asafoiatse, Charles Tetteh Cofie

At a time that most traditional rulers are positioning themselves to support government in the local government sector to deliver communal stability and development, police and community sources say an Asafoiatse or local army chief of Ngleshie-Domeabra named, Charles Tetteh Cofie, has been caught in breaches of the law and traditional rites, compelling the community to perform relevant rituals to remove him from office.

Police sources say the removal ceremony followed the slaughtering of a ram, with the blood being sprinkled on the feet of the local warrior and sub-chief.

He has consequently been replaced by Asafoiatse Nii Dzata Kojo Kwao, a revered member of the traditional council.

An Asafoatse (captain of the community’s local troops) is tasked with the role of working with the police, together with the Asafo troops, in sanitising the community of rogues or criminals. He is also responsible for defending the Domiabra lands and properties.

Abandoning role

However, unfortunately for the decent community, he had allegedly abandoned that honourable role, and was rather seeking to impose himself on the community as Mantse of Domiabra, with the alleged connivance of some police personnel in the area.

According to the Ngleshie Domiabra community, the errant Asafoiatse, by his actions, clearly suggested to the people that he abhorred the original position he had been honoured with.

The youth and elders also alleged to the media that his continuous disrespect of the tradition and customs of Domeabra had compelled both indigenous folk and non-indigenes in Ngleshie to demand disciplinary action against him.

His charges include selling Domiabra Stool lands arbitrarily to individuals and groups without recourse to the Stool Council. In addition, he had been, allegedly, drafting his indentures and signing same for buyers, without reference to the traditional leaders.

Beyond that, he had been allegedly building his own palace and admitting matters and cases which were supposed to be addressed by the Domeabra Stool Council.

Caution ignored

The Stool Council had reportedly attempted cautioning him through various platforms, before the Adjumako Family Stool which is linked to the Domeabra Stool, and also before the Weija Stool Council.

The Assemblyman, clergymen of the community, opinion leaders, and prominent men of the community, as well as those who matter in the scheme of things, had all been alerted of the threat the self-installed chief was posing to the community.

The community, in a statement to the media, insisted that “the usurper chief refused” to budge, resulting in threats of instability in the community.

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