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New Juaben, Akuapem fight over Adweso lands

The Mponoahene of the Akuapem Traditional Area, Ogyeahoho Nana Tete Pinpong, has warned the Paramount Chief of New Juaben Traditional Area, Daasebre Kwaku Boateng III, to stay away from Adweso lands.

According to the Mponoahene, who is also the Chief of Adweso, Adweso is in Akuapem Traditional Area and shares a boundary with Koforidua, and that the town had never been a suburb of Koforidua since time immemorial.

In an exclusive interview with The Chronicle in his palace last week Friday, Ogyeahoho Nana Tete Pinpong expressed grave displeasure over an attempt by the Paramount Chief of the New Juaben Traditional Area to enstool a new chief at Adweso.

The Adweso Chief contended  that the action of the New Juaben Omanhene was a total affront to chieftaincy and a clear demonstration of provocation, since there was ample evidential to prove the fact that Adweso had at all times been found in the Akuapem Traditional Area.

He continued that the late Professor Emeritus Daasebre Oti Boateng, until his demise, had lived in harmony with the respect and recognition of the fact that Adweso was part of the Akuapem Traditional Area, and not New Juaben.

Giving a brief history of the inception of New Juaben, Ogyeahoho Nana Tete Pinpong said the New Juabens are immigrant settlers, with no bona fide stool lands when they arrived at the current abode, adding that the current status of the entire New Juaben enclave was government-vested lands.

The New Juaben enclave is government-vested lands acquired in the past, principally for asylum purposes, and the current place of New Juaben land has shared historical boundary lines terminating just behind the Koforidua Freeman Methodist Church.

He indicated that it was strange for Daaasebre Kwaku Boateng III to adopt such a provocative posturing that threatened the peace of the local area and adjoining community.

The angry Adweso Chief stated that “these useless agitations create tribal wars. Adweso is part of Akuapem, and Nana Boateng should not try to invite feudal war. He should study history and stop the non…”

“Adweso is ready to resist the intended illegal imposition of a foreign chief on the indigenous and peace-loving residents of Adweso and Akwapim.”

Ogyeahoho Nana Tete Pinpong indicated that Daaasebre Kwaku Boateng III had developed a penchant for making incursions into Adweso lands, which were exclusively Akwapim Stool lands.

He expressed deep concern over Daaasebre Kwaku Boateng III’s attitude of trying to extend his traditional authority way beyond Akwapem traditional jurisdiction, stating that Adweso in the Akuapem Traditional enclave did not form part of the New Juaben Traditional jurisdiction.

“Adweso Palace and elders have noted with grave concern acts of provocation by way of imposing New Juaben Traditional Council orders on the Adweso townships,” he told The Chronicle, adding that any act of imposition such as funeral directives or extorting illegal monies from the residents and people, or interference with their way of life, would be resisted with the full force of the land.

He has, therefore, called on the people of Adweso to discard any summons to appear before Daaasebre Kwaku Boateng III, and by extension pay any levies to the New Juaben Traditional Council.

Responding to the Adweso Chief, the New Juaben Paramount Chief described the warning of the former as an empty threat, and boldly mentioned that his outfit would soon enstool a new chief at Adweso.


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