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My children are ugly just like their father so I always hide them – Ghanaian woman

A Ghanaian woman has made a damning confession about how she feels about her children.


According to her, her two children are just as ugly as their father and therefore she finds it very difficult going out with them.


She says with how these children look, she has had to commit abortion because she does not want to have more ugly children in her house.


The lady confesses she’s beautiful and is from a family of handsome and beautiful ladies but her children took after their father who is ugly.


She says she married her husband because he was rich but has regretted it because the kids they’ve produced are all ugly.

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Read Her Confession below

Salam to you.


Hide my identity and share this my story for me please Iqra.



I am very beautiful woman, i said beautiful because all our families are very and growing up they call us Arabians. I got married 4 years and already have 2 children but anytime i see my children i feel like they’re not mine because before marriage, how i envisioned my children to be so beautiful i don’t see it now and because of that, i dont want to have more children with my husband so i have done abortions without his knowing 3 good times all because my children are so ugly and to be honest they all took their father’s face especially their nose its very big big and always sweating nose.

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To be honest i married him because he is rich and i think i would have beautiful children because i am beautiful but it turns out wrong.




I feel shy to take the children to any outings. I can dress them well well but they look more uglier in photos than even in person so i have never shared their photos on my Facebook and WhatsApp not to talk of my screen saver. Please is there any medicine i can start taking or exercises or food to also have beautiful children?

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Don’t insult me please me too this is my only problem which i know problems differs so please no insults just respect mine too and make sensible comments without insults.


Thank you Iqra.

























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