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Moree cries for help as tidal waves ravage town… 5 houses collapse

Strong tidal waves have ravaged the Apese Beach in Moree collapsing, at least, five houses and   displacing about fifteen people.

The ravaging waves have also sent shivering down the spines of other residents whose houses are doted along the beach front, as some of them have been forced by the tidal waves to vacate their homes in fear.

Some of the collapsed buildings

The Moree Local Council Chairman, Mr. Mathew Kow Kaakra Boison, has appealed for urgent support from the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) in particular, private institutions, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), as well as individuals.

His appeal was geared towards “buying of boulders to be able to mount strong defensive blocks on the shoreline to prevent the waves from creeping further into their homes.”

Mr. Boison, who is commonly known as “Tɛlɛmɔ”, called on the government to consider the construction of sea defence wall along the Moree coast in view of the recent strong tidal waves that have been hitting the town.

Appeal to NADMO

Following the eminent danger staring at those who have become susceptible to the waves, opinion leaders have appealed to NADMO for assistance.

But has NADMO got any support for the victims, as well as those whose houses are more susceptible to the ravaging tidal waves in Apese Beach area and the entire community in general?

Mr. Francis Ekow Amponsah is the acting Central Regional Coordinator for the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO).

“NADMO is aware of the Moree Apese beach incident. The District Director there has informed us, so staff have been deployed to the place to assess the situation and bring a comprehensive report.”

The comprehensive report, he assured, would enable a formal complaint to be sent to the National Headquarters of the organisation for prompt response.

He accused the people of being the cause of the situation through their engagement in massive sand winning activities in the area, in spite of strong warnings from the NADMO and other authorities.

Self-help initiative by the community

As part of efforts to mitigate the impact of the waves, the Youth Chairman of Moree, Mr. Olando Mahunwotem Andoh, and Mr. Boison raised funds through a loan scheme to tackle the possible danger that is staring at the community.

Through the loan scheme, boulders have been purchased to mount artificial blocks to serve as an interim measure to reduce the impact of the tidal waves.

The two front-liners have, therefore, appealed to natives of the town, both home and abroad, to come together to support the project, as part of interim measures to protect the community.

“Our greatest appeal is to the government to, as a matter of urgency, come to the aid of the people of Moree, and construct [a] sea defence wall, as it is being done elsewhere for us,” Mr. Ando said.

In the last few years, many settlements close to the beach front in Moree have suddenly become susceptible to strong tidal waves that keep uprooting coconut trees and creeping into homes.

The devastating nature of the ravaging waves has, however, intensified in the last two years, washing away many homes and other properties, including a premix fuel distribution centre and its equipment.

The tidal waves that hit the town last week resulted in the collapse of houses displacing the occupants.


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