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Medical doctor’s carefully conducted study reveals there’s life after death (video)

A doctor from Kentucky claims that after studying approximately 5,000 cases of near-death experiences over the course of the last 37 years, he has come to the conclusion that there is life after death.

Dr. Jeffrey Long first came across a story of a near-death experience when he was a resident in oncology and decided to take an interest. He stumbled across this remarkable case while researching the most effective radiation therapy for cancer at a library.

He had previously been taught that humans could either be alive or dead, but Dr. Long equally heard a cardiologist talk about a patient who had died and then had a miraculous rebirth.

Long had a burning need to learn more about near-death encounters, or NDEs, and he developed an unhealthy obsession with them.

After his residency, Long formed the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation and began collecting and studying thousands of near-death experiences (NDEs) since he was very interested in learning more about them. His judgment was that there is unquestionably life after death.

“In the face of overwhelming evidence, I’ve come to believe there’s certainly an afterlife,” Dr. Jeffrey Long is quoted to have said

Over the past 35 years, he has researched over 4,800 near-death experiences, and while each one is unique, many of them exhibit similar patterns.

About 45% of persons who have a near-death encounter have experienced an out-of-body experience, a situation in which a victim’s consciousness separates from their physical body and hovers above.

“I’m a medical doctor. I’ve read brain research and considered every possible explanation for NDEs. The bottom line is that none of them hold water. There isn’t even a remotely plausible physical explanation for this phenomenon.

“These experiences may sound cliché: the bright light, the tunnel, the loved ones. But over twenty-five years of studying NDEs, I’ve come to believe that these descriptions have become cultural tropes because they’re true. I even worked with a group of children under five who had NDEs. They reported the same experiences that adults did—and at that age, you’re unlikely to have heard about bright lights or tunnels after you die.”

Dr. Long cited a case in which during one of these experiences, a woman was riding her horse when she passed out. While her body stayed on the route, her consciousness apparently floated back to the farm they had left. Even though her body hadn’t been at the farm, she was afterwards able to recount what had happened there with accuracy, and those in attendance corroborated her story.

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