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Man marries three wives at the same time after his first wife broke up with him




A man has left netizens in shock after marrying three ladies on the same day after his first wife broke up with him weeks earlier.


Though it’s normal for men to have more than one wife in some religions and traditions, the act of marrying more than one wife on the same day is now becoming the new craze in town.


We’ve heard stories of people marrying two ladies on the same day but this man from Tanzania decided to take it a step higher by getting married to three beautiful young ladies.

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The man who hails from Shanwe, Mpanda Municipality in Katavi province, Tanzania and identified as Athuman Yengayenga revealed that he intended to even get four wives.



He explained that the reason to get four wives was simply because his first wife broke up with him and that created anger in him and influenced his decision.


He went on to say that he was getting more wives so that he wouldn’t be in the position he was in the past when his one left him stating that when one wife leaves, there is going to be another lady available.


“It’s by sheer luck. It is also challenging as you cannot get three women in a row and ask to marry all of them at once, and they agree,” he said during an interview.


His new three wives identified as Fatuma Rafaeli, Asha Pius and Mariam John in the interview disclosed in the interview that they were excited about getting married to Yengayenga.



They went on to say that though they are aware that there would be jealousy amongst the three of them since it’s a normal trait of ladies but they are going to try their best to live together and in harmony.


One of the three wives reminded her husband that they were incomplete because he was yet to bring home his fourth wife.


“We are not yet complete. We need one more woman,” Fatuma, the first wife, said as she adjusted her veil.


source: ghpage

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