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Majority of ugly women doing better in life – Ajaguraja cautions beautiful ladies


The rather eccentric spiritual leader Prophet Kwabena Boakye Asiamah otherwise Osofo Ajagurajah says “the beauty of women is their curse.”


Making these assertions on Abusua FM in Kumasi, Ajagurajah challenged the public to observe that a majority of the very wealthy in society are not good-looking.


“In fact today I saw a woman driving a very good car. Her face alone made me want to throw up. But she is the one who makes the big money in town,” he inferred.


“It is a fact that more than half of women who make good money all by themselves and not with the help of any man are very ugly looking. So don’t be so excited and say ‘I am aware’ when men give you compliments of beauty,” he cautioned.


“A lot of the extremely beautiful never find loyal husbands of their own. See the women head porters who chase cars just to pick loads to make a living. Observe some of the women who hawk in traffic. Some are the most beautiful you will find,” he listed.


Schooling host DJ Marcus, he explained that most ugly persons both work harder and go a step further to seek a greater authority to make it; acknowledging their aesthetic limitations.


“In all respect, I have not created a human before but most of the ugly ones have sought their helpers and they are making it while the beautiful ones are just walking around loose and unguarded,” Ajaguraja noted.


He admonished women with good looks to take a good spiritual bath that drives away the curse of beauty and stop banking on their looks to bring them anything good in life.





























Source: MyNewsGh.com

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