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Mahama made money as President, ex gratia is small – Kpebu


Private legal practitioner Martin Kpebu has asked former President John Dramanii Mahama to put into writing his promise to scrap ex gratia payment and sign it accordingly.

He said that promise should not just be in the party’s manifesto.

This comes in the wake of the promise by Mr Mahama that he will scrap ex gratia when he gets the nod to lead this country again.

“The payment of ex gratia to members of the executive will be scrapped,” Mr Dramani Mahama announced when he launched his bid to be 2024 Presidential Candidate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

“The necessary constitutional steps to take this will start in earnest in 2025. We will also persuade members of the other arms of government to accept its removal,” he assured.

Speaking on the Key Points on TV3 Saturday, March 4, Mr Kpebu said “Mahama made money whiles as president so he should look within himself and say look ‘I will return it’. He should return it because in these national elections, they are going to do, hundreds of millions of dollars, where does it come from? They made money so the exgratia is small. So he should just tell the people ‘I have grown older, I think I have become wiser, I am returning the money ,’ That exgratia he should return it

“You know Dan Kwaku Yeboah  of Peace FM , I think he is the lead campaigner for  Mr Mahama to return his ex gratia. When I looked at it I said yes it made sense. Mr Mahama should do introspection and return it as a sign of good faith, that once I have returned the money I am committed. Number two, the amendments, he should put them in writing.

“He said they will do far-reaching Constitutional Amendments including Article 71  , excellent, we agree, he has done well but let’s put it all in writing, signed by him in a better addressed to the people  of Ghan that these are the Constitutional amendments he is championing, we don’t want it in a party [manifesto].









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