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Let’s eat our own to grow economy – DrAfriyie

The Minister of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI), Dr Kwaku Afriyie has called for “food nationalism” by Ghanaians in order to resuscitate the country’s economy.


He has asked Ghanaians to desist from patronising continental dishes and eat our local foods.


Dr Afriyie beseeched caterers to make conscious efforts in using the local ingredients in the preparation of food.


“You are not a good Ghanaian if you are not patronising our foods. Caterers should also help us by making a conscious effort in using our local ingredients,” he stated.


Dr Afriyie said this when he met the caterers association on the management of plastics in Accra yesterday, and stressed that ensuring this would not only help the country’s economy, but prevent the country from going to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for assistance .



He indicated that the love for foreign foods by Ghanaians was pathetic and nothing good to write home about.


Dr Afriyie noted that had deepened the Ghana’s economic turbulence as more importations had to be done.


“Ghanaians especially out middle class group should change their tastes. Our import burden will drop when this is done,” he added.


The MESTI Minister said there were excess foods including cassava, plantain, potatoes, and tubers of yam in the villages which were not wanted by a majority of the populace.



Dr Afriyie used the opportunity to advocate the need for Ghanaians to patronise the produce of farmers.


He asked Ghanaians to desist from the attitude of “exaggerated negotiations” on prices of local foods as they could not do so if they bought them from supermarkets or malls.


Dr Afriyie urged them to be mindful of the toil of farmers, adding that “have empathy on farmer and share in their struggle in getting us food. You can also give them incentives to carry on their activities.”


Supporting them and eating our own, he said would go a long way in raising the country’s flag and instigating the love of other foreign nationals for our local dishes.




































Source: Times

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