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Learn, stop making ignorant comments; I don’t oversee any minister – Miracles Aboagye fires Kpebu

The Director of Local Government, Decentralisation and Rural Development at the Presidency,  Mr Dennis Miracles Aboagye has indicated that private legal practitioner Martin Kpebu makes ignorant comments on issues because he does not read about the matters before commenting. 

He advised Mr Kpebu to make it a priority to learn and readwide in order to save himself from making uninformed comments in the public domain.

On Saturday December 3, while speaking on the Key Points on TV3, Mr Kpebu indicated that his co-panelist, Miracles Aboagye was part of “the over-bloated office of the government machinery.”

This was when Miracles Aboagye was just about to have his bite on the performance of the Black Stars in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the main topic for discussion on the show that morning.

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Mr Kpebu and another panelist who is Tamale Central Lawmaker Murtala Mohammed were done with their submissions on this topic.

Just when Miracles Aboagye was about to have his take on the topic, Mr Kpebu interjected with a comment saying “I am happy to see [Dennis Miracles Aboagye] here. You are part of the over-bloated office of the government machinery.”

In response to him,  an unhappy Miracles Aboagye said “Lawyer, I am the last person you will go on that tangent with. If you start on this tangent with me the programme will not end. You are completely wrong, a lot of the things you are ignorant about, even the numbers and all of that.”

Kpebu fired back saying “How can Denis Miracles Aboagye be superintending over a Minister?”

Miracles Aboagye responded to him:  “Look at lawyer Kpebu, how can lawyer Kpebu be giving us advise on running the country?  Lawyer, where you catch, that you, you are advising Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, what have you done for yourself?

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“I think that you are completely ignorant about the issues. Running an organization has nothing to do with age, experience has nothing to do with age, you have an over-bloated ego.”

Kpebu asked again “How many years of experience do you have?”

Miracles replied “Number one, you are ignorant because I do not superintend over any minister. If you had read and then you pay attention to the issues, you will not make such an ignorant comment. Number two, I have a lot of experience, at least I have worked actively for 13 good years to be able to do what I do. You do not have my CV, you have no idea about my work experience and yet, you come and sit on TV and make an ignorant comment, you do this to almost every sector.

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“Try to understand the issues, learn about it, decipher them. That is why you organized a demonstration and less than one hundred people showed up because you knew nothing about it. Your demonstration was the worst demonstration, you couldn’t even organize a common demonstration.”










































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