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June 4th Saga: NDC Replies Oti Regional Minister; says ‘A personality who wants to only fulfill his childhood ‘


Oti NDC communications director Left, Oti Regional Minister Right






The Oti Regional Minister has always pretend to do his work as a government appointee but in reality has not lived up to expectations.


He is such a personality who wants to only fulfill his childhood ambition of becoming an MP in Nkwanta South.

His childhood ambition has blindfolded him to that extent that, he can not even learn on his job as a Regional Minister but only determined to execute his ambition and nothing else.

He has recently influenced the appointment of the MMDCEs/DCEs in Oti Region. As if that is not enough, he has gone further to form a cabal of selecting his preferred candidates to contest for various positions in Constituencies so as to have a full control over the elected executives but unfortunately, his master plan seems to be failing because all of them lost in both Constituency and Regional Elections respectively. His ambition is gradually getting lost because he has stepped on so many toes.


We have learnt that, the Oti Regional Minister, Hon. Joshua Makubu has instructed the Nkwanta South MCE, Hon. Bright Lenwah to inform authorities in the community Senior High Technical School to uproot the trees planted by the Leading members of NDC as they celebrated and planted royal palm and teak trees to mark the June 4th event, beautify the entrance and also serve as windbreak.


We only hope and believe that, such directives by the Oti Regional Minister is not true because we shall resist any attempt to uproot the said planted trees.


This development is not surprising if true because on June 3, 2022, the same minister through the Regional Director of Education, had instructed the authorities of the said secondary school not to allow the program of June 4th to take place on the premises of the school but unfortunately and highly disappointed, the contrary happened and the program was very successful.


Again, the Regional Minister feeling uncomfortable, disappointed and embarrassed, has now instructed the uprooting of the said trees planted.

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We also want to state unequivocally and without fear of contradictions that


-The June 4th event celebrated in Oti Region at Nkwanta South was highly participated and very successful

– The seedlings planted were genuinely applied for from the Forestry Commission and all processes followed by the MP for Nkwanta South, Hon.Geoffrey Kini

– the June 4th event gave birth to the democracy that we are enjoying as Ghanaians today until the coming of Nana Addo Dankwa- Akuffo Addo, the tyrant


-Celebration of June 4th should be a time for sober reflection on the issues that brought about the revolution.


-the June 4th celebration until 2004 was a public holiday but was revoked by the previous NPP government led by former president John Agyakum kufuor


– the June 4th event came about because of a combination of corruption, bad govenance, lack of discipline, frustrations, high taxes, scarcity of basic life commodities, family and friends, state capture etc. which are not different from the happenings today under Nana Addo Dankwa- Akuffo Addo.


We are by this statement, sending a stringent warning that, no man should attempt to uproot any single planted trees during the June 4th event by the leadership of the National Democratic Congress.


The Minister ought to know that, we don’t have a party tree as he described those seedlings planted because even the said Secondary School was built by Prez John Dramani Mahama but named as Community Senior High Technical School and not Prez Mahama Secondary School.


Prez Mahama is the only president the Oti Region can be thankful to because all projects in Oti Region including numerous E- blocks can only be credited in his name.


For him to have described the tress as party trees means that, he lacks the knowledge, a party cannot create a tree but nature.


It is rather unfortunate this directive by the Regional Minister came at the time his government has invested Ghc12 million in “Green Ghana project” and as a patriotic citizen, this directive is not healthy for the progress of our dear nation.

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The NPP hardly sow but quick to reap! Stories surrounding the “willing” of Achimota Forest to family and friends is another example of raping the nation with her resources and all indications point to the fact that, the NPP has not come to develop but to destroy the future of this nation.

Juxtaposing this directive by the Oti Regional Minister with the Achimota Forest saga clearly shows that, the NPP and its members do not believe in saving the future generations and enjoy in carving out mere slogans to catch the attention of the public while they engage in vice-versa.

In one breadth, they are apparently planting trees and in another breadth, they are seriously and evidently engaging in depleting the already forests we have as a country.


In conclusion, we want to emphasis that, the Oti Regional Minister should rather concentrate on how to develop the Region, Creat Jobs for the teeming youth to reduce hardship, provide potable water for the good people of the region, stop fixing candidates for party positions for his parochial interest and above all, concentrate and work for his people before a vote of no confidence is passed on him.



Mobarak Diplomatic

RCO- Oti Region


Disclaimer: expression in the above content is not from Otixpres.com

Please contact the NDC-RCO if you agree or disagree




Oti Region: ‘Eye Zu’ Trees Planted to Signify June 4th ‘Ato Nsuom’ as Minister instructed for it uproot.




The Oti Regional Minister, Mr Joshua Makubor has expressed sadness at the just ended June 4th celebration by the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) as they planted numbers of trees at the Nkwanta Community Day SHS to Signify and to mark the occasion in the Nkwanta South Municipality of the Region.



This year’s June 4th celebration as well as the 30th anniversary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) fraternity took place in Oti Region, precisely Nkwanta South.



The former president John Dramani Mahama, though excuses the invitation as he was expected to be in the region for a multi purpose task of the June 4th event.

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It was also highly anticipated that, the former president would lead a tree planting Exercise to mark the June 4th”. In his absence, General Secretary of the party Mr Johnson Aseiedu nketia, National chairman Comrade Samuel ofusu Ampofo, Prof Jane Naana opoku Agyemang Joined the Oti Regional executives to celebrate the occasion and tree planting at the school premises.


Addressing the public on ‘Green Ghana Day’, the minister said “June 4th, was a day people’s parents were killed, mother’s were killed, brother’s were killed, sister’s were killed and people lost their livelihood, People are still crying over it. So for us to sit down as a country, as a municipality, as a region or a school and allow trees to be planted on a compound to Signify this day where people lost their lives, we’re indirectly saying that, if your grandfather was General FK Abu, Ignatius Kutu Acheampong and General Afrifa, then it means that you shouldn’t come to Nkwanta Community Senior High School because if you come there, you’ll see the trees there and you’ll remember June 4th and you’ll remember the death of your father. It’s pain we’re causing you and for that matter I disagree with the idea of planting trees on a school compound to commemorate June 4th”



“I’m a member of the New Patriotic Party, as a regional minister I’ll never under any circumstances allow the New Patriotic Party to get into any senior High school campus to plant trees to commemorate a party event,” Mr Makubor said in interview with Otixpres.com


The Minister, who was speaking on the launch of the Regional celebration of the Green Ghana Day in the Nkwanta North District also entreat all MMDCES to implement bye-laws that will prevent animals from grazing the trees planted.



He said expectations of the president and his government for the survivor of the trees is high, and further stressed the need for the MMDCES to protect the progress of Green Ghana.




Source: Otixpres.com

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