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It’s not a big deal if your husband decides to take a second wife – Lady Vera

A panellist on Accra-based OKAY FM Lady Vera says it’s no big deal if husbands decide to marry an extra wife.


There has been a raging debate on social media about the need for husbands to discuss with their wives when they are going in for another wife.



This comes after Yu;-Edochie announced that he had gone in for a second wife on social media; a move which according to reports, his wife knew nothing about.


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Reacting to this, Lady Vera indicated that “when your husband marries another wife, that’s not the end of the world. We are all working now, there are some people whose husbands are dead and others whose husbands are bedridden and the burden is now on them, what about that?




What we need to do is that we should have a rethink of things. If a man has married one person, good. Take your responsibility as a wife seriously and don’t relent.

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If a man says he wants to marry more than one, I feel that as a woman all you need is for a man to fulfil his responsibility. So women should rise and take responsibility for themselves and no focus on what their husbands want to do,” she said on Accra-based OKAY FM.







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