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Investigative report reveals West Africa Regional CEO of UBA Marufatu Abiola Bawuah allegedly dupes Ghana.


The office of one famous investigative journalist has intercepted a document confirming Mrs Marafuta Abiola Bawuah the West Africa Chief executive officer of UBA purported to duping the country millions of Ghana Cedis belonging to the State.



It is revealed that this fraudulent act of milking the state has gone on for years with CEO’s of some known state owned organisations which UBA has turned a blind eye because it is are also benefiting. It is also revealed that Madam Marufatu Abiola Bawuah is evading taxes on huge bonuses year on year to enrich herself to the detriment of the state. The details of transaction which will be made known soon will shock the world.


This fishy corrupt deal was revealed by an investigative report from undisclosed source.


According to the investigative report, Ms. Marufatu Abiola Bawuah used her portfolio in connivance with some known top government CEO’s using dubious means to dupe the state.



This, according to the report, will drag the name of UBA into a ditch and subsequent cause it collapse but they have kept a blind eye because though it’s seen that she is stealing from the bank in actual sense it’s the State suffering the financial loss.


“The investigative report finds that there is strong evidence to suggest that Mrs marafuta Abiola Bawuah is a walking corrupt woman who ought to halt such thievery mannerism before it blows alot of dimensions in her career.


This new shocking deal is reminiscent of the infamous UBA CEO’s scandal by Mrs marafuta Abiola Bawuah in which some state actors were also named. It is clear she is engaged in this new deal for undeserving parochial pecuniary reasons.



There seems to be a rush to tidy this deal but she could be striped off from her position as Regional CEO of UBA depending on the unfolding intercepted documents on the deal, another source added.



Read below portions of the investigative piece


What is emerging in the the news is the elaborate fraudulent scheme Mrs. Marufatu Abiola Bawuah, the Chief Executive Officer, West Africa for UBA with connivance of some state actors are said to be doing to dupe the country a great deal of million Ghana cedis under pretext of investment.


Through this corrupt scheme, the banking executive has managed to buy a good number of luxurious properties and houses in Ghana’s plush residential enclave known as Trassaco Valley and America and UK.


It is obvious the silence of UBA over her fraudulent action is because of profit from her impropriety even though those action are in breach of tenets of financial administration and sound banking practices.


The state has mercilessly been an innocent victim of her elaborate fraudulent deals while she is undeservingly getting prominence and promotions .

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