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Interest on treasury bills for last 3 months hits ¢4.416bn


Interest cost on Government of Ghana Treasury bills for the last three months is estimated at GH¢4.416 billion.

This was disclosed by the Executive Director of Dalex Finance, Joe Jackson.

Government reportedly bought a total of GH¢33.08 billion worth of T-bills in the last three months.

The treasury instruments were sold by government at an average yield of 35%.

In December 2022, the government secured GH¢12.60 billion at an interest rate of 35.72%.

Government seemed to have reduced its appetite for short-term securities in January 2023, mobilising GH¢7.3 billion at a rate of 35.66%.

However, the government borrowing from T-bills significantly shot up to GH¢13.1 billion in February 2023 at an interest cost of 35.50%.

Joe Jackson in a tweet asked, “should you be cautious in buying T-bills?”

“Government of Ghana bought GH¢33.08 billion in the last three months. The weighted average interest rate was GH¢35.62% and will cost a whopping GH¢4.42 billion,” he noted.

Government’s only source of borrowing, for now, seems to be the treasury market, hence the significant borrowing on the short-term market.


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