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‘I’m afraid some of them will be harbouring suicidal ideas’ – Parent of a dismissed Chiana SHS student

A parent of one of the Chiana SHS students sacked for insulting President Akufo-Addo has said the girls might contemplate suicide if the GES does not reconsider their decision.

The parent says the young ladies have been remorseful since the incident which was supposed to be a joke became viral.

Speaking on TV3’s Midday Live, the guardian who spoke on anonymity noted the culprits were traumatized after the incident since their intent was not to put the video out in public.

After chastising them for the unwarranted act which he says no reasonable parent would condone, the man said the actions of the girls after the visual got leaked was that of remorsefulness and would plead the GES to soften their sanctions in order not to worsen the already traumatized state they were in when the video became public.

“We are a bit harsh. In as much as we condemn unreservedly the behaviour of the students because no responsible parent will condone what they did. No one will say his son or daughter should go out there and be insulting elderly people who are old enough to be your father or grandfather but I think we should have or should still temper justice with mercy and not just throw them out to the woods.

“They have gone through trauma and I’m afraid some of them will be harbouring suicidal ideas so we need to help them,” he pleaded.

He indicated they cannot fight the decision of the GES “but we are pleading with media houses and others who can draw our issue out there to see if someone can help us. Those who took the decision are also parents and we are pleading to their conscience, as parents, they should relook at the issue and have mercy on these students and allow them to return to school.”






































































































































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