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I’ll Let You Dance Kpanlogo If You Vote For Bawumia- Ken Agyapong Threatens Central Region NPP Executive

In a recent political event, controversial Member of Parliament (MP) for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong, made alarming statement, threatening to cause chaos and pay people to engage in mischief if the region delegates elect Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia to lead the part for the 2024 elections.

During an intense speech filled with bravado, Agyapong directly challenged Chairman Robert Kutin and the Central Regional executives, warning them of dire consequences if Bawumia comes out on top in the upcoming elections.

He claimed that if the vice president is elected, they would witness chaos in the region.

“I’m daring Chairman Kutin. If Bawumia wins in the Central Region, you will see what will happen to you people in 2024…I dare them. I am daring Chairman Kutin and the Central Regional executives,” stated Agyapong.

Furthermore, Agyapong hinted at having something up his sleeve that could potentially disrupt the region’s political stability.
He issued a veiled threat, suggesting that if he doesn’t receive 100% support, then he would create a showdown for his opponents.

“What I have in my head, if they know, they would have made steady progress. It will be better for them to make sure I get 100% support. Otherwise, I will give them showdowns,” Agyapong declared.

Highlighting his financial resources, Agyapong brazenly claimed to have the means to play mischief and asserted that he would compensate individuals to engage in disruptive behavior.

“I am a man and have the money to play mischief. I will pay people to do mischief,” Agyapong boasted.

These incendiary remarks have caused a stir among political observers and community leaders in the Central Region.
They view Agyapong’s threats as highly inappropriate and a gross violation of democratic principles.

Concerns have been raised over the potential impact of such rhetoric on the political landscape in Central Region. Critics argue that Agyapong’s statements undermine the electoral process and could incite violence or unrest within the region.

It remains to be seen how the local authorities and political parties will respond to Agyapong’s provocative statement. Many individuals are calling for appropriate action to be taken against him to preserve the integrity of the electoral process and ensure peace and stability in the Central Region.

As the election season draws nearer, it is essential for political leaders to approach campaigning responsibly and refrain from using inflammatory language that could potentially harm Ghana’s democratic progress.


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