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I Stabbed JB- Sexy Don Don


The late JB Danquah-Adu, Daniel Asiedu, aka Sexy Don Don


DANIEL ASIEDU, aka Sexy Don Don, the prime suspect in the murder of the then Member of Parliament for Abuakwa North, the late JB Danquah-Adu, has admitted to stabbing the late MP during a confrontation when he went to his Shiashie residence with the intention to rob.


The accused, who is standing trial over the murder of the late MP, in a startling admission demonstrated how he went into the late MP’s bedroom through his window in a robbery that led to the death of the MP.


The admission is contained in a video recorded during the interrogation of the accused as well as videos of a reconstruction of the crime scene in the late MP’s house, and were admitted by an Accra High Court where the accused is standing trial for murder.


The court prior to admitting the pendrive containing the videos heard how Daniel Asiedu admitted that the catapult and metal cutter found in the late MP’s bedroom were his (accused) and his admission that he uses the catapult in driving away dogs when he enters a house to commit a crime while the metal cutter is used in cutting burglar proof in case he meets a window that is burglar-proofed.


“According to the first accused person (Asiedu), he did not use them because there were no dogs in the house and the windows were not having burglar-proof, so after the commission of the crime he left them in the room of the deceased,” Chief Inspector Augustus Nkrumah, the case investigator told the court yesterday.


The video which was played prior to its admission showed Daniel Asiedu demonstrating to police investigators how he squeezed himself through a metal fence into the house. He told them that the security man on duty was sleeping when he entered the house.


He told the investigators that he did not know the personality of the late MP prior to robbing him and only chose his room out of the lot in the house because it was the only one that had light turned on when he entered the house.


He indicated that the glass window leading to the late MP’s room was not locked so he slid it open and entered the room, sneaked himself behind a chair and went to the bedside drawer where he picked two phones and just when he was about to leave the room the late MP woke up to turn off a television and spotted him. He said the late MP shouted “thief, thief, thief”.


He said the MP held his (accused’s) shirt around the neck firmly, and he struggled with the MP. It was during the struggle that Asiedu said he stabbed the late MP with a jack knife which weakened him, and he sat on the floor beside the bed and could not scream for help.


Daniel Asiedu told investigators that he continued to search the room for valuables while the late MP sat helplessly and watched him do the searching.


The accused during the reconstruction of the crime scene visibly broke down, went on his knees, placed his elbows on the late MP’ s bed and said a prayer after which he made a sign of the cross before he continued the demonstration.


The tendering of the video was objected to by Yaw Dankwa, counsel for the accused person, who argued that the accused was under duress and at all material time was in handcuff, tortured and deprived of sleep and also did not have a lawyer present when the videos were shot.


This was opposed by Sefakor Batse, a Principal State Attorney who said the accused was relaxed throughout the interrogation and the cuts on the accused was a result of struggling with the late MP while the one on his face was as a result of putting his head through a metal fence with thorns around it.


Justice Lydia Osei Marfo, admitted the video and said the weight to be placed on it is subject to the cross-examination of counsel for the accused person.









Source: DGN

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