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‘I attempted an abortion with my mother’s tithe’

The ex-wife of a former diplomat has recounted how all her dreams were cut short because of a pregnancy.


According Felicia Edem Attippoe, who is Ghana’s first female aircraft marshaller, this happened about 26-years-ago when she was still a young girl.


“Growing up, I wanted to be a musician and along the line I wanted to be a secretary but at 21, I got pregnant. I didn’t know I was pregnant until the 8th month, because I was having my menstrual flow. Along the line, my grandma noticed it.


She noted that she had attempted to terminate the pregnancy since she wasn’t ready to have a child at that age, but all efforts, including a visit to the hospital to terminate the pregnancy proved futile.


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“I went to friends who I knew were ‘shee waga’ and they prescribed various concoctions for me – some said ‘drink Guinness with gin,’ others said ‘go in for a chloroquine injection,’. I did all these but the baby would not come out.


I attempted an abortion with my mother’s tithe – Ex-wife of former diplomat recounts

Felicia Edem Attippoe


“At a point my mum gave me her tithe to go and pay at church because she didn’t go to church that day and I went to the hospital to see if I could have an abortion. I visited a clinic at Labone and the doctor said no, you can’t abort this pregnancy so you have to give birth.


Left with no other choice, Felicia had to deliver the baby.

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“To cut it all short, I gave birth to a baby girl who is 26 now. She now works at Guinness as one of their Marketing Managers, but all my dreams were cut short because I had to have a baby and I struggled through it and we went through it,” she said.




She made the disclosure during an interaction with host of Joy FM‘s Strong and Sassy show as part of conversations on the new series dubbed My Story on Wednesday.


Strong and Sassy, Joy FM’s all-female talk show, from May 11, started a new series dubbed ‘My Story.’


Hosted by Animwaa Anim Addo, My Story will take a dive into the lives of amazing women who have stood at the war front to fight amazing battles, have emerged victorious, and have success stories to tell from their encounters. It will feature Ghanaian women who will tell stories that will inspire, educate, shock, break, build and also get you emotional.

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These are stories that border on the career, lives, relationships, and even the health of women who will be featured; stories of death, unexpected pregnancies, suicides, abusive marriages or relationships, becoming pastors, stillbirths, cancer treatments, etc.


The series will run for a period of two months – from May to June,2022.













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