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Hon. Seidu Musah Writes: Is John Mahama Calling For A ‘Change’ Or A ‘Return’?

Former President John Dramani Mahama in fulfilment of his long-held ambition to return to the nation’s Presidency has launched his campaign to lead the opposition NDC in the Volta regional capital Ho yesterday, 2nd March, 2023.


A visibly power hungry Mahama was heard and seen severally make reference to a certain ‘Change’ that according to him is inevitable in the 2024 election. For the avoidance of doubt page 8 of the speech delivered by the former Head of State reads “…this is because there is an increasing gap right now between the Ghanaian society and Ghana’s political system. And it is one of the reasons why a ‘Change’ has become absolutely necessary”.

The question that myself and many Ghanaian are asking is, whether or not John Mahama is calling for a ‘Change’ or a ‘Return’.


Mariam-Webster dictionary defined ‘Change’ as, to make a difference or to replace with another. It also defined ‘Return’ as, to go back or come back again.


Also the Oxford Advanced Dictionary explains the word ‘Change’ as, to make someone or something different. It again explains the word ‘Return’ as, to come back or go back to a place or person.


Looking at the explanation of the words ‘Change’ and ‘Return’ supra and taking cognisance of the good old cannon of literal interpretation of words,the former President must not be calling for a ‘change’ but a ‘return’.


Obviously the former President is craving for a return. A return to lead the NDC again and not a change to lead the NDC because he is the same man. A return in the unlikely event to the nation’s Presidency because he is the same man.


This whole enterprise that John Mahama is embarking on, be it his goal to lead the NDC again or in the unlikely event that he becomes president again does not constitute a change, but a return, properly so called according to the rules of grammar.


Perhaps the statesman ought to revise his grammar lessons or he is just obsessed with a non existing Change. The communications expert has misconstrued the meaning of Change relative to his wanton desire to lead the NDC into abyss.


If the statesman cannot differentiate a return in his case, and change, it constitute a valid ground to conclude that he does not fully understand the whole text he read to his NDC supporters.




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